Why Distance Learning?

At FLITS we believe that distance learning is the future.  Distance learning has many benefits.  Convenience and flexibility.and leaners can access a course whatever time of the day and learners can even access it in your own living place.  Learner development: learners may be less intimidated and might engage more freely with each other and their lecturers, and have more time to rationalize and formulate comments than in a classroom environment. Cost effectiveness: It costs a great deal less to enroll on the same course and cuts down on ancillary expenses associated with physically attending classes.

Why Distance Learning with FLITS Vocational Training Institute?

  • E-learning Centre (Online Live Classes) – FLITS has our own e-learning centre to maintain Virtual Classroom for live interactive online classes. This online learning environment will allows for live interaction between the lecturer and the learners as they are participating in learning activities.  Our e-learning centre is the right solution for training, virtually or in a hybrid situation and this allows Videoconferencing. Online whiteboard for real-time collaboration.
  • A personalized learning platform – FLITS has a personalized learning platform which is contain related learning materials and activities, improved and updated. The online learning platform is interactive and harnesses the power of social networking to make learning fun, collaborative and engaging. It is a safe and secure network for learners to interact and learn from lecturers and each other.
  • A dedicated online tutor – Learners will have a dedicated online tutor for every module of a course. The online tutor will interact and guide you during the duration of your course.

e-CLASSROOM - Demo Clips

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Sinhala Medium - Demo Clip

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English Medium - Demo clip

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