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FLITS Vocational Training Institute is the perfect training outlet in Colombo for a bright future paved in Engineering, Business Management, Information Technology, English and other related fields. Conducted by only the best lecturers pertaining to the relevant areas,The institute’s more student-focused culture has also seen student numbers rise sharply in its weekend classes in addition to the weekday classes, providing further time and space for learning. FLITS is backed by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission in Sri Lanka and is also endorsed by the City and Guilds-UK and ABE-UK.

Our aim is to give our present youth the opportunity in vocational training where on completion they will be able to earn even while learning as well as well pursue a course & study not only to the academics but also vocationally, where our education system does not provide us until we find a way to employment.


A Future World filled with Skills and Knowledge | SKILLS FOR THE UNSKILLED – JOBS FOR THE SKILLED


Make every student qualified and skilled in their respective fields of study


TVEC Background

The Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission was established in 1991 as the apex body in the technical and vocational education and training sector under the provisions of the Tertiary and Vocational Education Act No 20 of 1990. Its primary responsibility is policy formulation, planning, quality assurance, coordination and development of tertiary and vocational education in the country.

FLITS is a Registered Institute under TVEC –  No. P01/0535

About City& Guilds
City & Guilds provide assessment and certification services for schools and colleges, business and industry, trade associations and government agencies in more than 100 countries. over 120 years of experience in identifying training needs, developing assessment materials, carrying out assessments and training
assessment staff. We award certificates to people who have shown they have mastered skills that are based on world-class standards set by industry.

About ABE-UK

ABE is a not-for-profit skills development specialist and awarding organisation providing internationally recognised learning, credentials and quality assurance in the fields of business, entrepreneurship and employability.

We are a strategic partner of the Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council and a member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies.


Dasun Madusanka

Automobile Technology

මම හොයමින් හිටිය automobile course එකක් කරන්න. එහෙම හොයනකොට මට හම්බුනා Flits කියන ආයතනය. City & Guilds ආයතනය අනුබද්දිත. ඊට පස්සෙ මම කතා කලා. රංග තමයි මට සියලු විස්තර දීල කොහොමද කෙරෙන්නෙ කියල විස්තර කලා එයා. ඊට පස්සෙ මම කෝස් එක කරන්න පටන්ගත්ත. ඇත්තටම මොකුත් නොදැන මෙතනට ආව මට බොහෝ දේවල් ගැන ඩිප්ලෝමා එකටත් එහා ගිය දේවල් ඉගෙන ගන්න ලැබුණා. මෙතන ඉන්න lecturers ලා සහ තියෙන එන්වයරමන්ට් එක සහ ඉගෙනගන්න තියන සියලුම දේවල් ඔයගොල්ලන්ට හොදටම වටිනවා. මුලින් කිව්වට වැඩිය හොඳට අපට කෝස් එක කරන්න පුළුවන් වුණා. කෝස් එක අවසානයේදී ගොඩක් අය රට යන්න බලාපොරොත්තුවෙන් ඉන්නවා සහ ඒවට අයදුම් කරන කොට Flits එක හරහා ලැබුන සහයෝගය ගොඩක් වටිනව. මොකද ඩිප්ලෝමා එකක් කරන්න එතරම් ලෙහෙසි නැහැ මේ වගේ මිකෑනික් වගේ දේක ඩිප්ලෝමා එකක් කරන්වා කියන්නේ ඉතා අමාරු කාර්යයක්. හැබැයි මට මේ ආයතනයේන් Flits එකෙන් ඒ දේ කරගන්න ලැබුණා. ඒ ගැන මම සතුටු වෙනවා. සහ Flits එකේ lecturers ලා සහ කාර්ය මණ්ඩලයේ අය දුන්නු සහයෝගයට බෙහෙවින් ස්තුතිවන්ත වෙනවා.

Sameera Kelum Dissanayake

Automobile Technology

Nadisha Gamage

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Hi, I’m Leon. I’m a student of FLITS Vocational Training Institute. While I’m searching for a place where I can obtain an international qualification in automobile, I found the best place where I can improve my skills and knowledge. City and Guilds Automobile Diploma qualification is internationally recognized and FLITS guided me to develop my skills with practical. I am lucky enough to obtain an internationally recognized qualification and my sincere gratitude to my lectures and FLITS staffs. And Managing Director, Mr.Roshan Abeysiriwardana and Director, Mrs.Nuwanthika Abeysiriwardana for guiding us. If you are looking to become a recognized, qualified profession in automobile, FLITS is the best place to start.

Mathew Leon

Automobile Technology

Hi, I’m Joshua Dishan. I’m from Batticaloa. I have been taking part in the Business Management program since 2020. And now I was able to achieve the level six of ABE qualification in Business Management, which is equal to RQF level six, especially at this time. I thank FLITS for helping me to achieve this goal. They helped me to attend my lectures, they gave me enough classes. Also, they gave me extra classes to prepare for the assignments. And I especially thank Mr.Roshan for helping me with all the process and procedures of getting the certificate and achieving this goal. Thank you.

Joshua Dishan

Business Management

I am Randil Jayamaha. I followed the City & Guilds automobile diploma level 3 and 4 for 2.5 years in Flits Institute as training for my future career. I had a great desire to learn automobile mechanical, so I was able to fulfil my expectation in following the course at Flits Institute. My desire was not only of learning, but also of helping many young people of my country. In this field of technology, I am happy to say that within these 2.5 years, I was able to complete IVQ level three and four. A program will recognize globally. Sometimes one may think I am not that qualified to follow an advanced course on this. To fulfil my desire. That should not be one’s intention. First of all, one should have better oneself a goal and target to fulfil one’s dream. I appreciate very much the academic staff and the friendliness and their behavior towards the students. They supported me immensely to fulfil and to reach my expectation. Therefore, I invite all young boys and girls to come to the Flits Institute and follow a valuable and advanced course to achieve your future goals with total satisfaction. Finally, I wish all success for the institute and its future indoors.

Randil Jayamaha

Automobile Technology










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    • Mohamed Rikas Hilmy
  • Client Image

    • Eishaka Botheju
    • Lecturer - Automobile Technology
  • Client Image

    • Ashen De Silva
    • Lecturer - Mechanical Engineering


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